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It’s time to reconsider your seed

The time has come to look back and take stock of the past year. The year has been tough on some and I’ve been struggling with the concept of sowing without reaping. An inquiry from God had lead to very important enlightenment. I would like to share with you 3 very valuable insights, which changed how I will be sowing my resources.

1.We sow into the wrong people and things

Not everyone is receptive to your seed. Sometimes we sow into shallow people. We sow into people to help them to become the best they can be, but their soil (their mind and attitude) is shallow, lacking depth of character or understanding and they don’t receive what you sow into their lives. They are not educable, trainable or teachable, so you invest your time, energy and resources in them, but their shallowness is not conducive for your seed to grow. Your seed go to waste. “Some fell on rocky places, where it did not have much soil. It sprang up quickly, because the soil was shallow.” (Matthew 13: 5)

Then there are superficial people we sow into. They are not true or real to you, until you examine them closely. They are in your life under false pretense. They follow you waiting for a seed to fall from your hand so they can snatch it up as soon as it hits the ground. They don’t care about the cost of your seed, or how hard you’ve been working the fields to generate a harvest. They don’t care about the potential of your seed. They only care about how they can use your seed to their benefit. “As he was scattering the seed, some fell along the path, and the birds came and ate it up. “(Matthew 13: 4) It’s important to closely examine the people who’s lives you sow into.

We also need to consider the shallow things we sow into. The things without eternal value – worldly things. Sometimes we sow into things and neglect our relationships.We need to focus on the things that matter to God, and the only things that matter to him are people and relationships.

2. We neglect to plough and sow into our own ground

The greatest harvest you will ever reap will come from sowing into your own life. We spend so much time and energy preparing the ground and sowing into the wrong people’s lives, but they often leave you drained and depleted ’cause we’re actually sowing among thorns. All they do is choke the plants that grow from your seed. Other seed fell among thorns, which grew up and choked the plants” (Matthew. 13: 7). We neglect to break up our own unploughed ground.

Prepare your ground and sow your time and resources into your own life to be the best person you can be for God and for yourself to achieve your purpose and to reach your destiny. There are so many areas in our lives that are undiscovered and undeveloped and we need to invest and take care of  ourselves.

3. We will need to sow again

The dictionary describes the term “reset” as the process of replacing seeds that did not grow. We will need to sow again, BUT in the right places. We will need to ask God to help us discern his good and perfect will for us so we can sow in the right areas. God is gracious, and gives us the opportunity to resow. Resowing is a slow process and an expensive one, but if we sow according to God’s will we will reap a bountiful harvest.

Be blessed.

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