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Stay focused, there’s a process unfolding

It’s a fact that everybody wants to prosper in life. We have dreams and goals we want to accomplish, but things don’t always happen at the pace we want it to. There is a very good reason for this. You see, when God chose to lead the Israelites through the desert, along the longer route, he knew exactly what […]

Death holds no promise

I am confronted with the issue of stillbirth. The issue of dying in the womb, of death before birth, of dying before living. The thought leaves me cold. How can it be that life, not yet lived, ends in death? Why do we die before being born?  Why do we die on ourselves? Is it the mere fear of survival on the other […]

Pray for your persecutors

God has a perfect plan for our lives, and when he is at work in you, he will identify all the areas in your life that you need to work on in order for his perfect plan to come to pass. Forgiveness is an area we all struggle with. Often we forgive people just to rid ourselves of the burden, […]

Refuse to be bitter, let it go

Going through life as a very angry teenager surely did more damage to my adulthood than I could ever imagine. I was a broken soul, and the only thing I knew best was to hold on to the anger so tightly that it consumed my entire being. All the bad things that ever happened to me was […]

Your reward is with the Lord

Recently I’ve been struggling with the news that I won’t get any payment for the columns I write for the newspaper. According to company policy, employees only get paid for responsibilities that fall under their key performance areas, anything extra  is voluntary. At first this was very hard to accept, since I really needed the money. Apart from that, I felt […]

Keep going, there’s greatness inside of you

There’s been many times in my life that I just wanted to give up, to throw in the towel and to call it quits. Times where I struggled to find the meaning to my existence. Times where I was so heavily burdened that I couldn’t understand or figure out exactly why I was here in the first […]

He alone has the power to raise you up

If there’s anybody out there who knows the detrimental effects of rejection, it’s me. I have experienced rejection for a great part of my childhood years, and those experiences had left me with many scars. At school I was rejected simply because I didn’t fit in.  I didn’t look or speak like anybody else; being unique was my only sin. But what […]

Become involved in the pain of others

Confrontation with death and loss is an everyday occurrence in the newspaper office. Watching from a distance, it becomes easy to turn the page on a stranger’s pain. But when you personally know the ones affected, you are confronted on a different level. It is this personal confrontation that moves you beyond watching, it moves you to become involved. Romans 12:15 […]

Turn your eyes to the one who knows

In 2 Kings 20 we read that Hezekiah became ill and received the news that he would die. Immediately after receiving the news he turned to the wall and prayed to the Lord, weeping bitterly. There is something about Hezekiah turning to the wall that grips me. He didn’t look around and search among his family and friends for help. In that moment […]

Don’t allow the world to determine your value

Mother’s day came and went, and if you’re anything like me, you had some great expectations for this day. After all, it’s not just any day, but a day on which mothers all over the world are honoured and acknowledged by their children and spouses for the special role they fulfill in their lives. You […]