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Don’t live with regret, listen to His voice

My 2016 ended in immense sadness and I spent most of the day crying. Crying over past mistakes that created the present painful circumstances and regretting every thing I have ever done to land me here. Regretting not obeying the voice of God, grieving intensely for the life I was supposed to have.

A great deal of the pain I’ve ever experienced was birthed from disobedience and I had only myself to blame. Disobedience to God. Refusing to listen to His voice directing me, guiding me, warning me of the pitfalls and dangers that lie ahead. Ignoring Him and exercising my own ill will instead of His. My ignorance caused me to make the worst mistakes of my life.

I have spent most of my adulthood regretting the mistakes I made in my youth. Painful mistakes that altered my destiny, causing major delays and distractions on the path that God has set before me. Regrets that could have been avoided if I have listened to the One who holds my life in His hands – the One who knows the end from the beginning, the One who holds my destiny.

God is gracious and He always makes everything to work for our good, but we don’t have to live with regrets and the burden and shame of unnecessary and costly mistakes.

So, as you move into a brand new year with lots of plans, hopes and aspirations, don’t move on your own. Don’t do anything without God. When he says move, you move, if he says stay, you stay. If He’s quiet, you wait – never move because you’re tired of waiting, never move on your own accord. Wait for His voice.

Allow the God of Abraham to direct your steps and you will never once fail or be disappointed. God has a perfect plan for your life and His divine purpose can only manifest when you heed to His voice and walk in His ways. As you move ahead, may you resolve to obey His voice and avoid a life of regret. Lose your own will, and follow the will of the One who knows.

Be blessed and have a blessed 2017!


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