Keep your part of the covenant

The house of God is a sacred place. It is a place of worship, where believers meet to give honour and glory to God. It is a place where his glory dwells and is made manifest through acts of worship by his children. Most importantly, it is a platform for the teaching of the Word of God, where faith is built […]

Without God we fall apart

My mom has always played a very significant role in my life. As a single mother she raised us under very difficult circumstances. She would have a full-time job and two other part-time jobs selling make-up and crockery; always juggling several balls at once to provide for us and to make sure that we receive only the best. And […]

When God is your only cheerleader

Growing up, I can’t remember having any cheerleaders. I think that explains the reason why I gave up as soon as things started to become too difficult. But as an adult, it’s not that simple; there’s too much at stake. You can’t just give up, you have the responsibility of finishing. There are people dependent on you […]

He is able

Our God is a miracle-working God. In the Old Testament He performed his miracles through people like Moses and Gideon, in the New Testament, through Jesus and His disciples. The miracle-working God of the Old and New Testament, is still on the throne today. I don’t care what you’re going through right now. I’m here to tell […]

Adopt an attitude worthy of promotion

When Naomi lost her husband and sons, she decided to go back to her home country. She told her daughters in law, Ruth and Orpah, to leave and return to their mother’s home. Both of them were sad because they loved Naomi very much, but it was Ruth who decided to cling unto Naomi and followed her […]

His purpose is greater than your pain

The bible says that on the night of Jesus’ arrest he became deeply distressed and troubled and he said to his disciples: “My soul is overwhelmed with sorrow to the point of death.” (Mark 13:34) Scripture also tells us that Jesus fell face down to the ground and prayed, asking God to take the cup […]

Stay focused, there’s a process unfolding

It’s a fact that everybody wants to prosper in life. We have dreams and goals we want to accomplish, but things don’t always happen at the pace we want it to. There is a very good reason for this. You see, when God chose to lead the Israelites through the desert, along the longer route, he knew exactly what […]

Death holds no promise

I am confronted with the issue of stillbirth. The issue of dying in the womb, of death before birth, of dying before living. The thought leaves me cold. How can it be that life, not yet lived, ends in death? Why do we die before being born?  Why do we die on ourselves? Is it the mere fear of survival on the other […]