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It’s time to reconsider your seed

The time has come to look back and take stock of the past year. The year has been tough on some and I’ve been struggling with the concept of sowing without reaping. An inquiry from God had lead to very important enlightenment. I would like to share with you 3 very valuable insights, which changed how […]

Jesus Christ, our only Hope!

We are living in a world full of options. Adults and children alike have a wealth of options to their disposal. Like so many things in life this can either benefit you or it can destroy you. I believe that adults earn this luxury, kids don’t. When I grew up you only had two options: it’s […]

Stop trying to fix things

I’ve never been one to discard spoilt or broken things. I always try to fix it to it’s original state, not wanting to let it go to waste. Believing that every thing and every one deserves a second chance at life, to do things better – to be better. As was the case with my […]

Help is on the way

When we walk in the will of God and are committed to his ways, we face many obstacles. In our determination to accomplish His purpose we are faced with persecution and opposition, fighting one battle after the other to fulfill our destiny. These battles can leave us depleted, saddened and hopeless – making us want to quit […]

Stay determined, you’re stronger than you think!

It was my childhood dream to become a fashion designer. I remember passionately sewing clothes for my dolls and sketching pictures of dresses from primary school right into high school. But the dream was stolen in my matric year and my desire to pursue it faded in the background. However, God restored the dream unto me and […]

You will find him in the dark

Life can get hard sometimes, and trying to deal with all kinds of challenges can take it’s toll on you. When you’re doing all you can to get ahead, but face numerous obstacles along the way, things have a way of spiraling out of control. And if you’re not careful and mindful of where you’re heading, you quickly […]

God is not moved by your storm

When the lives of Jesus and the disciples were threatened by a storm, Jesus was sleeping. The disciples however, panicked and feared that the storm would cause them to drown. The waves swept over the boat, but Jesus was not moved. He became very upset at his disciples’ fear and spoke harshly to them saying:  “You […]

Don’t quit, your story ain’t over yet!

Lately I’ve been perplexed by life, by my own life, saddened by how things didn’t work out the way I’ve planned or hoped it to be. Thinking of what could’ve been have I made better choices and not so many mistakes. On life’s journey things break and they fall apart, we frantically try to correct our past […]

Don’t live with regret, listen to His voice

My 2016 ended in immense sadness and I spent most of the day crying. Crying over past mistakes that created the present painful circumstances and regretting every thing I have ever done to land me here. Regretting not obeying the voice of God, grieving intensely for the life I was supposed to have. A great deal of the pain I’ve […]

God will never give up on you

Growing up I loved God very much, but I was always very afraid of him. I feared His punishment, His anger, feared that He would turn His back on me, reject me if I do something wrong and disappoint Him. I had no example of the love, compassion and grace of a father that the Bible speaks about, […]